Motto For The Year 2021

3rd January 2021 (1st Sunday in the year)

Sunday Devotional Service


The Word of Motto for the year came from a point where one of the most significant event was about to happen in the history of Israel. This is because a promise made to Abraham about 800 years earlier was about to be fulfilled. (Gen 15:13-15)

In Joshua 2, we see the level of readiness in Joshua to confront the enemy that may want to obstruct the fulfillment of the work of GOD asked him to do. Between vs 1-7, Joshua took a major step of sending some secret spies to spy the land.

In vs 22-24, he got very good report from the spies he had been anxiously waiting for. They reported the words of Rahab in (Joshua 2:23- I know that the Lord has given this land to you) in vs 24 the spies also confirmed same by saying (The Lord has surely given this land unto us in our hands).

With the land surveyed and a good report given Joshua was ready to match into the promised land. Sweet as it may seem to be it was not without some challenges. These challenges includes

—Breaking the barriers of Jordan

—Overcoming the reproach of Egypt

—Pulling down the strongholds of Jericho

All of these were to be done for them by GOD but, there are obligations. The prospect of finally taking the people across Jordan was a great excitement for Joshua.

—The people had to consecrate themselves, meaning that the people must purify themselves ( Exodus 19:10)

—The time of God may delay but will surely come (Hebrew 2:3)

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