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History of The Apostolic Church Abule Egba Assembly (now District Centre) The Apostolic Church Abule Egba Assembly now also a District started in the year 1970. A servant of God, Pastor Akinwunmi the then Overseer of TAC Ipaja and Agbelekale Assembly, was led by the Lord to Abule Egba, to start an Assembly there. The man of God took his journey without delay, and came to Abule Egba, together with some brethren to evangelize. Something unique happened; a very sick man was brought to be prayed for. The Lord immediately healed the sick man, and everyone wondered. This triggered the interest of the people, and they wished that the minister would remain in Abule Egba. The very sick man who was healed was the child of Mama Olumefun, a great woman, who immediately offered her house to be used as church; and so, her sitting room was accepted as the meeting place and the eventual place where TAC Abule Egba started from. The number of people that started the church was thirteen (13), some of the people included Brother G.O Oyadiran who came with Pastor Akinwunmi, Pa J.J Joseph, Pa Olutola, Pa Bakare, Mama Olumefun, three other women, two boys and four girls. The young Assembly grew under the co-ordination of Brother G.O Oyadiran. Though there was an opposition from other settlers in Abule Egba; members kept on meeting to offer ceaseless prayers unto God for the Assembly, and God blessed the church and added new members to them. As the church continued to grow and waxed strong under the leadership of Brother Oyadiran, the Lord stirred up his spirit in the church in 1976, and a great revival started. God moved mighty using everyone, and there was a joy in the city Mama Olumefun had been made a deaconess at this time; and the church membership had outgrown the size of her sitting room, so she was inspired by the Lord, and gave her piece of land, over to the church freely for building a house of worship. The district Apostle for Agege then was Pastor S.F Odunaike who laid the foundation stone in the company of Pastor D.O Odesanya (Oke Koto), Pastor Adeyemi (another assembly Pastor) and lot of brethren and well wishers. In 1978, the Lord brought Elder M.A Ogidan to join the Assembly, as result of the prayers of the saints for God to bring men. Elder Ogidan worshipped in the Assembly on 16/10/78 for the first time. Again the Lord brought Elder Adenekan to join the assembly from Abeokuta. These two men were used mightily, and they supported the work of God. The building of the house of worship was completed in 1979, and the saints of God worshipped in it on 2nd November, 1979. The Assembly was then being administered by a team of Elders. In the year 1981, the church encounter troubled waters, so much that the church was literally moved to Elder Ogidan’s house, and the church continue there for four (4) years. Immediately after that, the house of God was re-opened, and Worker E.K Oyeniyi was posted to TAC Abule Egba on July 1984. Worker Oyeniyi became the first full-time minister of God to be posted to TAC Abule Egba by the authority of TAC. Worker Oyeniyi was taken to glory just after four months! After a while, in 1986 the authority posted Worker A.F Olabirin to Abule Egba. Worker Olabirin labored immensely for the Lord, and much was achieved for the Lord, during his time. As the church was increasing numerically, the building became too small to contain the church members and needed to be enlarged. The land however was not big enough, so the church prayed and the Lord inspired Mama Olumefun again. This time she appealed to her brother Pa J.O Olutola, who was also a member, to sell his land to the church. Pa Olutola agreed, and immediately, Elder Adenekan, Elder Ogidan and the other members were informed. The church prayed, raised the money and purchased the piece of land – making it the second piece of land owned by the church. The church agreed to build a new house of worship on the new land; and also decide to inform Pastor S.O Alalade who was the Agege District Apostle then. Another significant thing that happened when Worker Olabiran was in our midst was that he ordained some church members into offices in the church. Three brothers were ordained to the office of Elder-ship. They included Brother V.O Raji, Brother G.O Akinremi and Brother Lawal. The following sisters were ordained as Deaconesses: Sister Avoseh, Sister Akinremi and Sister Ogidan; while Elder M.A Ogidan was ordained as Presiding Elder. Worker A.F Olabiran was posted to another Assembly in 1990. Pastor Aninhuobe was the first full-time Pastor who was posted to Abule Egba. Pastor Anihunobe worked for the Lord while he was in Abule Egba. The church grew in spirit, and enlarged physically and numerically. Two ordinations were done while he was here. The first one: Elder Apoeso was ordained, while Brother R.G Owolabi was ordained as a Deacon. The second ordination: Brothers Oshobu (now a Presiding Elder), Akinlolu (now a Pastor) and Adeyemo (now an Elder) were ordained as deacons, while Sister J.J Joseph and other sisters were also ordained as deaconesses. It is worth mentioning at this point again, that the new house of worship for Abule Egba was completed in 1993 during Pastor Anihunobe’s tenure. Some of the people God used mightily included Pa Avoseh, etc In 1994, Agbelekale District was inaugurated, and Abule Egba was made a sectional headquarters. Pastor Anihuobe was elevated to the post of District Pastor, and later District Apostle for Agbelekale District, and Pastor Kasili was made the District Prophet. At that time, Pastor Kasili was at Agbelekale Assembly, while Pastor Anihuobe stayed at Abule Egba, using here as the temporary District center, and operated from here. Later in 1994, a new District Pastor was transferred to Agbelekale District. The new District Pastor, Pastor A. A idowu settled at TAC Agbelekale, and that made Pastor Kasali to relocate to Abule-Egba still as the District Prophet. Pastor Kasali spent three [3] months in Abule Egba, and got posted to another Assembly. Then, Pastor S.A. Adedoyin was transferred to Abule Egba in 1995 after Pastor Kasali had been transferred to another Assembly. The Lord used Pastor Adedoyin greatly. During his tenure, the storied mission house was built on the old church site. The church grew in spirit and there was peace, unity & love throughout the time of Pastor Adedoyin. Presiding Elder Ogidan was ordained as Overseer, while Deacons Oshobu, Omolade, Adetula were ordained as Elders, While Deaconess Osobu, Akinwunmi and Ariwoola were also ordained. In the 2000, that same year, Pastor S.A. Adedoyin was transferred to another Assembly, and Pastor M.O Ibrahim was posted to Abule Egba in April 2000. During Pastor Ibrahim’s tenure, the church witnessed spiritual growth and a lot of saints were added to the church. Pastor J.O. Opebiyi was posted to Abule Egba on 22nd November 2001 to replace Pastor M.O. Ibrahim who was transferred to Oke-Oluwa Assembly. During the time of Pastor Opebiyi at Abule Egba, the 2nd floor and roofing of the mission house were completed. More saints were also ordained, they included: Presiding Elder Oshobu, Elder Oluwole, Elder Akinlolu, Elder Sowunmi, Elder Oluloro, Elder Adekunle, Elder Adeboje and Elder Babatunde. Then, Deacons Adeyemi, Jokotoye, Ebunoje, Oniyilo, S.O. Idowu and Ogunbambi and Deaconesses: Oluwole, Akinlolu Olawo, Omotosho and Adeboje were all also ordained. On 12th September, 2006 Pastor Opebiyi was transferred to Abanikanda, while Pastor G.O. Oladosu was posted to Abule Egba Assembly as the Assembly Pastor/District Prophet. On Pastor Oladosu’s arrival, the church witnessed tremendous spiritual growth. Some of the other achievements during his tenure were:- 1. Sinking of bore-hole 2. Planting of two assemblies 3. Purchase of a church bus 4. The uplifting, restructuring and renovation of the church building, its opening and dedication. Though Pastor Oladosu was a Gideon in our midst, he too was transferred away from here in November 2014.Then came after him the man of the moment: Pastor John Oladayo Ajagbe. Pastor Ajagbe resumed at TACN Abule Egba as the Assembly Pastor on 14th November 2014, from TACN Abanikanda Assembly. For over a year, the Assembly was growing steadily under Pastor Ajagbe, and everyone was at ease. Before his coming, there was a long-time prophecy that the Assembly wold be enlarged on all aides, to the North, East, West & South. In order to tap into that prophecy, Pastor Ajagbe initiated a Nehemiah Project purposely to prepare for any possible expansion. Then in December 2016, the unexpected happened: Lagos State Government came for the demolition of the only mission house. For several weeks, the Assembly Pastor and his family had to move to a portion of the Church Building, until a rented apartment was arranged for them. It was a trying time for the Church, and most especially for the Pastor and his family! Then in 2018, there was an opportunity (as earlier prophesied) to purchase a parcel of land opposite to the Church Building. The landowners specifically wanted TACN Abule Egba Assembly to be the new owner of the land, even though the asking price was around N30m (Thirty Million Naira). The acquisition of the new land with its huge price tag became the next challenge for the whole Church! Strange enough, every financial support sought from external sources proved abortive, and there was another willing buyer for the land who actually went as far as making a deposit for the land. However, with contributions and loans from members, the Assembly was able to pay off the landlords, and obtained all the necessary documents relating to the land – all to the glory of God! As if the acquisition of new land was not enough for the year 2018, a series of great things were to follow afterwards. Aside the land purchased, it should be on records that there was also a District Car – Nissan Pathfinder Jeep – donated as part of Abule Egba Assembly’s contributions. Also, with the approval of TACN Agbelekale Area came the creation of TACN Abule Egba District on 1st June 2018. For the man of God in our midst (Pastor Ajagbe) the following appointments came in, one after the other:- – District Pastor – 1st June 2018 – Apostleship – 5th Aug 2018. – TACN Agbelekale Area Council Secretary Here we are today! The Assemblies inherited by the new TACN Abule Egba District(apart from the District Centre) include: Ojokoro, Victory, Olota, Ilupeju, Abule Egba2 and Unity Assemblies. To God be the glory, great things He hath done!